Performance Driving School

 Driver's Program

The Ultimate Driver is able to spot danger and minimize the risk of an accident in a fraction of a second. Learn how to spot these hazards under the fastidious eyes of a professional driver.
Teen School

Navigating under the guidance of a BMW-certified instructor and on a controlled course, drivers gain insight into a variety of real-world situations on the road.
M School

Increased horsepower and a sharper chassis means that your hand-eye coordination needs to be quick. This course will help you iron out those skills and hone your reflexes too.

This program highlights control, finesse and a focus on proper technique. The result - minimal time in the classroom and maximum time on the course.

 One-Day Car Control School

Push your vehicle to the limits as your learn fast judgement and handling, all in a controlled and secure course.

One-Day Teen Car Control School

Under the supervision of a BMW-certified instructor, teens will encounter real-world scenarios and learn how to swiftly handle them.

One-Day M School

In this course, you will practice the same skills that professionals use every day.  You learn how to drive more smoothly and your reaction times will decrease.
 On-Road Course

Moto Street Survival

A program that is safety intense and prepares riders to successfully maneuver obstacles that they may encounter on a daily basis.
$755 with Performance Center bike
$595 with Personal BMW bike

*One-day program for all experience levels
 Two-Day Car Control School

Includes more driving time and a focus on optimizing your vehicle's safety features, all while experiencing a wider range of BMW machines.

*Day one is identical to One-Day Car Control School
Two-Day Teen Car Control School

Provides additional time in the driver's seat and the ability to sample the 3 series, 5 series and SAV lineup.

*Students must be at least 15 years of age and possess a valid learner's permit
*Day one is identical to One-Day Teen Car Control School

Two-Day M School

First, develop elementary skill refinement and then assert advanced techniques.  The car is ready, are you?

 Off-Road Courses

Off-Road Foundations

Riders will explore dirt and gravel surfaces and gain proper skills and confidence to take on any terrain.
$795 with Performance Center bike
$635 with Personal BMW bike

*One-day course for all experience levels
   Advanced M School

Available for M School graduates, and held at two of North America's most challenging and famous tracks.

Advanced M School at VIR $4,600 accommodations not included
Advanced M School at CMS $5,000 including hotel
 Adventure Bike Enduro Skills

This program commences with Off-Road Foundations and then builds recovery skills to tackle more challenging topography.
$1,590 with Performance Center bike
$1,270 with Personal BMW bike

*Two-day course for all experience levels
   BMW Driving and Golf Program

Get your priorities in order: first an adrenaline rush on the course with the M School and then a relaxing, long distance drive on several renowned greens.

The Thornblade Club $1,950 including a two-night stay, plus applicable taxes
Cliffs at Keowee Springs $1,950 including a two-night stay, plus applicable taxes

 *Tee times are at the discretion of the Head Golf Professional at each facility. Participants must be accompanied by BMW Performance Center associate