Why Must You Rotate Your Tires?

You've heard that you need to rotate your tires every once in a while, but you're not exactly sure what this means or how often to do it. While driving, your tires get worn down over time. Unfortunately, your tires do not wear down evenly, meaning that your back tires could wear faster than your front tires. This is why rotating your tires is important.

Rotating your tires means that you take off your tires and place them in a new position based on which tires are wearing the quickest. Rotating your tires works to make sure they wear more evenly. It is important that your tires wear evenly because you will get the longest use out of them.

If you have never rotated your tires, you may want to do so soon. If you have any questions about rotating your tires, come visit us at BMW of West Houston, and we will lend you a hand.
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